Almost every home comes with a basement in Toronto. However, it`s often ignored and used as neglected storage. There are many basements that are poorly insulated and maintained, electrical and plumbing services are not properly done and many other important problems such as humidity, leaks, flooding, smell, heat, mold, sinking floors, and more that are not cared for, therefore, all these problems may cause big headaches and may decrease the value of your property. 


A Basement has huge potential. It can be turned into an entertainment room or a meeting room or an office, an apartment, or whatever you would like it to be. A right renovation with the right company can make your dream basement come true quickly, easily, and smoothly. A basement does not have to be just a cold,



place, It can be a completely different living space. Basement is a lifestyle so that renovating your basement can change your life experience. It can add more fun and comfort to your lifestyle, and more value to your property. 

When it comes to basement renovation, there are many factors that need to be considered, such as, plan, time, budget, and company. And It`s not usually that easy to get all these aligned with your expectation. The process of basement renovation sometimes can be scary, overwhelming, and depressive. We, as Eastern Western Construction, understand this process and want to help you to get your dream come true. We make sure that you get your basement renovation finished within your budget, on time, and smoothly. We have helped many of our clients renovating their basements of which they enjoyed the process. Eastern Western Construction has the experience, knowledge, and professional staff to help you. We take unfinished basement and deliver it as transformed, finished, livable space to you.

Our Basement Services